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التسليم بالدولار الأمريكي فقط في معظم
المحافظات المصرية

$ارسل حوالة قيمتها لا تزيد عن 4000
امريكي الى مصر مقابل 7$ فقط
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للتحويل الى مصر
Cash Chequing at 2.5%
صرف الصكوك/ الشيكات على %2.5
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Special Offer
Wire money to most countries
for only $10
ارسل حوالة بنكية الى اغلب دول العالم
مقابل 10$ فقط
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Special Offer

Best Exchange Rates in Town!

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Sixth Anniversary Special

بمناسبة مرور 6 سنوات على خدمة زبائننا ارسل ما لا يزيد

عن 7000$ مقابل 7$ فقط

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Send up to $7000 dollars to most countries for only $7!

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Some of the services we offer include: Money Order, Currency Exchange and Money Transfer, including wire transfer.
Our Services

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At Babylon Monetary Services, we aspire to deliver the best rates in town on currency exchange. Have a look at our rates for the most commonly traded currencies.
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Babylon Monetary Services is a family owned business established in 2008. Our staff is friendly, hard working and dedicated to delivering the highest quality of service to our customers.
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